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National Butchers Week 2023!

Happy Butchers Week!

Butchers Week is an annual event that originated in the UK in 2008. It was established by the Meat Trades Journal, a publication that covers the meat and poultry industry. The aim of the event is to celebrate the hard work and dedication of local butchers, as well as promote the benefits of choosing to buy meat from a local butcher over a supermarket. Butchers Week has since grown in popularity and is now celebrated in countries around the world.

This week, we're exploring the differences between supermarket meat and choosing to buy your meat from a local butcher. One of the key advantages of shopping at a butcher is the traceability of the meat. You can be sure that the meat you're buying has been carefully sourced and selected by the butcher, and often comes from small, local farms.

Another difference is the range of cuts available. While supermarkets tend to offer a limited selection of popular cuts, your local butcher can offer a wider range of cuts that are not commonly found in supermarkets. Additionally, the meat you purchase from a butcher is typically fresher than supermarket meat, as it hasn't been transported as far and has a shorter time between slaughter and sale.

Choosing to support your local butcher also supports local businesses and helps to sustain small-scale agriculture, which is often more environmentally sustainable and humane than industrial farming practices.

Join us this week as we explore these differences in more detail and celebrate the important role that local butchers play in our communities.