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Pasta with Spiced Minced Beef

This recipe is easy to make and a crowd pleaser!

Something new to try with beef mince that is such a staple on many people's shopping list. You can choose any pasta shapes you like - bear in mind choosing a shape that scoops up and holds the meaty sauce adds to the experience!

Although this recipe uses a lot of spices that we would see in a curry recipe - this is certainly not a curry - however the recipe uses a lot of the flavours to bring to your table a meal that's a little different and packs a punch of flavour!

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This recipe is to serve 4 people, halve to serve 2!


  • Beef mince

  • 5 Tbsp oilve oil or ghee

  • 4 cardamon pods - slightly cracked to allow the aroma

  • Pinch cinnamon

  • 3 bayleaves

  • Finley chopped 2 onions

  • 3 clove garlic minced

  • About half a fingers length fresh ginger minced or 1tsp dried ginger.

  • Salt

  • Sliced green chillies or green pepper.

  • 1 tsp turmeric

  • 1tsp cumin seeds

  • 2tsp ground coriander

  • 1tsp chilli powder

  • Black pepper

  • Water/stock

  • 1tsp garam masala

  • Chopped fresh coriander

  • Pasta shapes for 4 people


  1. Fry off your mince if preferred, remove the mince to a separate plate..

  2. Add the olive oil or Ghee to the frying pan, heat the oil and when hot add in your spices - cinnamon, cardamon pods, bay leaves - move the pan about to make sure that the spices are enveloped in the oils and become fragrant, next add the chopped onions along with the salt, garlic and ginger - stir to ensure everything well combined and become fragrant without burning!

  3. When the onion is soft, chop up your pepper and add to the pan - stir to combine. Next add your turmeric, cumin seeds, ground coriander and chilli. Again mix well to ensure everything is combined. add a good grinding of pepper.

  4. Add in your mince - stirring everything to make sure the mince is coated in the spices and veggies in the pan! Add some water to loosen the mixture up and allow to cook through for several minutes to all the flavours are soaked up by the mince.

  5. Cook your pasta!

  6. Before serving add in the garam masala and the chopped coriander - stir up and heat through for 1-2 minutes.

  7. Chuck your pasta in with the minced beef mixture and if you need to - add cheese when serving!!

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