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Top Tips for Perfect Poached Eggs!

Buy your fresh farm eggs online, available in trays of 30 or trays of 1/2 dozen.

  • Always use the freshest eggs you can get - ours are farm fresh and a great start in making your perfect poached egg! The older the eggs are, the more likely they are to fall apart in the simmering water.

  • Make sure you heat the water to barely simmering - just a few bubbles appearing every now and then. If the water is at a full boil (lots of rapidly moving bubbles), it is more likely that the egg may separate.

  • Don't forget to add a little vinegar to the water, this helps to keep the egg together.

  • To ensure you don't add any shell and to make sure the egg slides gently into the pan we recommend you crack the egg into a small bowl before adding it to the water.

  • Don't take your eye off the pan! If you want to get a runny yolk about 4 minutes is enough and a little longer if you like a hard yolk. The more you poach eggs the more confident you will become in judging this by eye rather than relying on the timer.

  • Drain the poached eggs well. Try using a slotted spoon or some people recommend resting the egg on a paper towel or stale bread to drain the water off.

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