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BBQ Tips Series - How Much Food do I Cook?!

Updated: Jun 19, 2022



Getting the right amount of food per person can be a tricky estimation!

Our BBQ packs offer great value and a variety of meats - from pieces of chicken to koftes and sausages to ensure there is something for everyone. Three pieces of meat per guest is a great starting point - for example: a sausage, a burger, and a skewer of meat each - some will eat more and some will eat less! This with your salads and breads will usually be ample food. If you want left overs at the end of your BBQ go for 4 items of meat per person.

If you are catering for kids, skewers and sausages work well - you can chop them up after cooking to make it super easy for them to pick and eat as much as they want. We love slicing a sausage into rounds and skewering it into a 'saus-kebab' - fun to eat for adults & little ones alike!

Don't forget your sides - we have our sliced meats and cheese that are perfect accompaniments to your BBQ.

Remember that leftovers (properly stored) will make for a great post-BBQ lunch - chicken, steak and chops keep well after a BBQ, just whip up a salad to go with them.

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