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British Food Fortnight 2021

It's the 20th year of the national celebration of British Food. This celebration happens every year in autumn, the same time as the harvest festivals - the traditional time to celebrate our British foods. The aim of the celebration fortnight is to engage the retail, catering, education and volunteer sectors and establish a more robust market for Britain’s food.


You can find out more on The organisation is a small, independently funded organisation run by people with a passion for food and the beautiful British countryside that produces it.

Their aim for the public during this fortnight is to encourage people to seek out British food when they are shopping or eating out and in doing so to discover the delights of the diverse and delicious food produced in Great Britain, maintaining the demand for British produce.


It should come as no surprise that as a local business we offer locally raised meat; but how often do you think past the meat counter to where your meat grazed before it was prepared for you to purchase? Many types of meat are imported from other countries or have travelled many miles from far away parts of the UK. Here at Hawkins, we are proud to stock meat that is locally reared and dispatched.

We source our beef, pork and lamb from Fowler Brothers in Burnham-on-Crouch. This is a small, family-run business who pride themselves on their tradition and skilled workers. The animals that come through this business have only travelled a handful of miles, which means not only are they less stressed during transit but also in terms of carbon emissions, the footprint is a lot less than those animals that are imported, you can read more about Folwer Brother's farms here.

Fowler Brothers source all their animals locally, the local farms pride themselves on raising quality animals - including consideration of what the animals are fed and the time allowed for maturation before the animals are taken for dispatch. This extra time and quality grazing allows a flavour and succulence to develop within the meat that is not found in today’s intensively reared animals so often seen in supermarkets. The animals on these farms find themselves with more space (than commercially run farms that may stock supermarkets) so they are able to express their natural behaviours.

We believe that happy, stress-free animals produce much higher quality meat - both in taste and in nutrient value. Try our beef, pork and lamb collections and we think you'll agree!

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