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Supporting British Swimmer Brock Whiston

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

As well as serving our products to you, the lovely people of Havering, we also have great pleasure in supplying local businesses and sports professionals one of whom is Brock Whiston who is is a British swimmer. Brock competes in international level events. She is a four-time world record holder, including beating a seven year old 200-metre individual medley world record set by Jessica Long!

Today we chat to Brock about her swimming successes, a typical day, her favourite foods, why Hawkins is great for her, and what she loves outside of swimming.

  • My swimming journey started at the age of 3 with a swim lesson once a week. Competitive swimming started at the age of 9.

  • 2 most memorable swimming moments for me have to be: The world series in Berlin where I broke my first ever world record. My second has to be the 2019 World para-swimming championships where I broke 3 world records and won gold in 4 events in front of a home nation. My medal and trophy tally stands at over 250.

  • Out of the pool I love to shop and bake - any new cake recipe, I am willing to give it a go!

  • A typical day starts at 4.45 waking up for morning training. My favourite way to start the day is an iced coffee which is weird because I hate warm coffee!

  • I train in the morning 5.30-7.30 am which sometimes is challenging in the winter when it's cold.

  • Breakfast is normally Weetabix with some berries eaten at the pool before starting work.

  • I start work at the leisure centre at 9 teaching education swim sessions.

  • During my lunch break, I spend an hour in the gym working on power and core strength to help my body position in the water. Lunches are normally fish-based pasta salads to ensure recovery.

  • Evenings are the time I try and focus on 'me' time recovering for the next day.

  • Dinners are heavily meat-based with vegetables. Stir fry is a big summer favourite of mine and spaghetti Bolognese is my go-to winter food.

  • My all-time favourite meal though has to be a turkey roast with my mum's special carrots. I absolutely love turkey.

  • At Hawkins, Paul is so accommodating. He's always asking what meats would aid my recovery the best. Hawkins do home delivery, which I think is amazing, ensuring quality meats can be given to every household.

  • Knowing what meats I'm going to have ensures I can make sure my highest protein meals are for after my toughest sessions to aid recovery. Quality protein is so important to an athlete to ensure muscles can repair after each session. Hawkins meat is such good quality. It's so full of flavour and absolutely no fat comes out when cooking. 100% perfection!

  • My favourite treat? That's a tough one... I love lots of sweet things. But if I open bubblegum squashies I can't stop until the pack is empty!

  • After a busy day of training, I love some downtime. A good Netflix documentary is always a nice way to finish the day.

  • My wellness advice to people is eating healthy doesn't have to be boring and this is definitely true. Hawkins offers such a variety of different meats at a low price."

Huge thanks to Brock for taking the time to chat to us today and letting us take a peek into her life as a professional swimmer!

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